Kyokushin is a way of life, a way of living, a lifestyle. Bushido is a code of conduct, where discipline and moral values are of the utmost importance a total commitment. For the Samurai it was to his master, death before dishonour. When there is no fear of death then you are free, this is Kyokushin Karate a total commitment.

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23Aug, 2016

…students do not have the same passion.

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I have been debating with myself whether to write the following blog or not as it may seem a little egoistic, but after some thought I decided to go ahead after all this is a blog. I have to turn back the clock a few years to when I started training, I would take every opportunity to train which in the early days was not so easy. There was never [...]

8Apr, 2016

Practicing Kata

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This week we went through the pinans with the 10-7 kyu. They tried hard but kata is not easy, there are too many things to think about at the same time. First they have to learn the pattern of the kata which way to turn etc. then from there they add the rest, technique, timing, balance, focus and energy. Its a long learning process, perhaps that's why people tend to [...]

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Kihon application

Sep 28, 2015|0 Comments

In this clip I am showing some application ideas of mawashi uke and kake uke. [...]

Training in the dojo

Apr 15, 2015|0 Comments

Regularly training at Gothenburg's karate Kai. I have been the chief instructor of Gothenburg´s Karate [...]

So the year has started…

Jan 30, 2015|0 Comments

We started 2015 with a small demonstration at a local shopping centre, it was only [...]

What people Say

At a camp in Wales in Shihan Collin’s home town Mt Ash, I learned a very important lesson of humility & responsibility.
Alwyn Heath, Wales
None of us Danes have ever had the honour of meeting Sosai himself, but during shihans teachings, it´s always like if you could ”taste the old days”.
Franz Rasmussen, Denmark
After almost 40 years of training together he is still “Sensei” to me.
George Minos, Gothenburg's Karate Kai
He is a great technician and a real gentleman.
Sosai Mas Oyama, Founder of Kyokushin
It goes without saying that he is one of the most dedicated kyokushin karateka I had the pleasure to know and make friends with.
Attila Mezaros, Founder of Gothenburg's Karate Kai