Kyokushin bunkai to take apart and see what it can be used for.

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Seienchin means “calm in the storm”. Different styles perform Seienchin in different ways.Watch bunkai introduction

Pinan Katas

Pinan Ichi, Pinan Ni, Pinan San, Pinan Yon och Pinan now available for streaming. Watch introduction


Kyokushin grading app explains what you need to know in order to perform a successful grading Visit iTunes

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What people Say

At a camp in Wales in Shihan Collin’s home town Mt Ash, I learned a very important lesson of humility & responsibility.
Alwyn Heath, Wales
None of us Danes have ever had the honour of meeting Sosai himself, but during shihans teachings, it´s always like if you could ”taste the old days”.
Franz Rasmussen, Denmark
After almost 40 years of training together he is still “Sensei” to me.
George Minos, Gothenburg's Karate Kai
He is a great technician and a real gentleman.
Sosai Mas Oyama, Founder of Kyokushin
It goes without saying that he is one of the most dedicated kyokushin karateka I had the pleasure to know and make friends with.
Attila Mezaros, Founder of Gothenburg's Karate Kai