Kyokushin is a way of life, a way of living, a lifestyle. Bushido is a code of conduct, where discipline and moral values are of the utmost importance a total commitment. For the Samurai it was to his master, death before dishonour. When there is no fear of death then you are free, this is Kyokushin Karate a total commitment.


21 Nov, 2013

Farum Kyokushin

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I went to Denmark to visit Farum Kyokushin for their 30 years celebration, time flies it seems that it was only the other day they opened their doors. Before the celebration I held two training sessons where we did some hard Kihon and covered some application of techniques, hopefully giving the students some new ideas. This [...]

31 Oct, 2013

Memories from the past

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Some memories from the first world tournament. I guess that we were rough and ready for anything, not so many really understood the rules. Everyone was excited that there was going to compete in the first world tournament and with the knockdown rules, exciting days. For most competitors it was [...]