My place of work

I have been the chief instructor of Gothenburg´s Karate Kai since 1977. The dojo was established 1965 by Shihan Attilla Meszaros and is one of the oldest karate clubs in Sweden. We are an idealistic association with almost 400 active members from the age of 8 years and up. Our success in competition and in general have  been depending on many factors, the most important ones are the observance of the dojo rules, etiquette and Sosais philosophy.

Our premises are about 500 sqm. The dojo is 200 sqm with a red and blue puzzle  mats. There is also a gym where the students can complement their training and a cafeteria where they can buy drinks and light refreshments. The cafeteria is  also the meeting point where students can socialise before and after training. The meditation room says it all but I also use this room for my instructor seminars where they get the latest information about techniques and of course  discuss the future of kyokushin and Göteborgs Karate Kai.

My goal has always been to offer qualified pedagogic educated instructors. I have 16 black belts from 1st dan to 4rd dan., who in turn will pass on their knowledge to the students. One of  my many aims is to give my students the kind of training that will help them in  their daily life. My lessons are built on the traditional Kyokushin way of  training, the way I was taught by Sosai Mas Oyama during my two years in Japan.

The Kanku is our club logo, it originates from the Kanku kata. The points of the Kanku represented by the fingers means the ultimate. The wide part of the Kanku represented by the wrists implies strength and power. The center represents infinity and depth, gazing through the center helps unify mind and body. The circle surrounding the Kanku represents continuity.

The name of our style is Kyokushin. It means “Society of the ultimate truth”. Sensei Haramotoki, calligraphy master and friend of Sosai Mas Oyama originally painted the Calligraphy.