In the beginning there was the point system or no contact competitions, then semi contact and full contact and so on, today there are many ways in which you can compete, it’s a matter of taste. I suppose kyokushin started it off by having what we call knockdown competitions, after which came all the variations, many offering prize money.
Should we change our knockdown rules to keep up with the times?

That’s a big question, as Sosai gave us knockdown and if we change things is that going against Sosai. Perhaps if he were alive today he would change things himself.

After all competitions are there to promote kyokushin and if its not working then perhaps something needs to be changed. In the early days of kyokushin we were allowed to grab in order to use our knees, this was taken away and soon after we forgot how to grab. I know we are not allowed to punch the head, we don’t use gloves so that’s a safety factor and bare knuckle fighting is forbidden.