An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. That’s what it means if you look for an explanation and when we practice we strive to remain on balance at all times. We know that during training if we lose our balance we also lose the effectiveness of whatever technique we are trying to perform, whether its Kihon, Kata or Kumite.

Where are we going from here you may ask, well we also need balance in life, in order to perform our daily tasks and to keep our family life and working life in harmony. There is no shortcut, like Kyokushin, it takes time and patience to have any kind of balance. There are so many distractions and problems that may pull you off balance as in the dojo when someone may grab hold of you and try to pull you off balance in order to achieve an advantage in Kumite.

Life sometimes can be like that all of a sudden something comes along and upsets you personal balance. Take a deep breath and regain your posture stay focused and pull yourself together stay on track and hopefully you will regain your balance.