Kyokushin is a way of life, a way of living, a lifestyle. Bushido is a code of conduct, where discipline and moral values are of the utmost importance a total commitment. For the Samurai it was to his master, death before dishonour. When there is no fear of death then you are free, this is Kyokushin Karate a total commitment.


10 Mar, 2014

Seienchin introduction

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Seienchin means “calm within the storm”. Different styles perform Seienchin in slightly different ways. This kata helps you maintain a good kiba dachi using different angles and balance, which in turn strengthens your lower body. It also helps you build your spirit, after performing this kata a number of times [...]

6 Mar, 2014

Kanku introduction

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Here I show a short introduction clip of the Kanku bunkai. The Kanku is our club logo (Gothenburg's karate Kai), it originates from the Kanku kata. The points of the Kanku represented by the fingers means the ultimate. The wide part of the Kanku represented by the wrists implies strength [...]

5 Mar, 2014

Pinan sono ichi kata and bunkai

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This video is just to give you some ideas on what you can do with Pinan sono Ichi. Probably one of the easiest kata to learn but nevertheless interesting. Bunkai meaning analysis or break apart is a term used in Japanese martial arts referring to the application of fighting techniques extracted [...]

4 Mar, 2014

Introduction to the Pinans

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This clip is a short introduction to the five Pinan Katas. The Pinan kata originated in Okinawa Pinan can be translated as "Peaceful mind peaceful safety" and were created by Anko Itosu in 1905. When Gichin Funakoshi brought karate to Japan, he renamed the kata to Heian, which is translated as "peaceful [...]

25 Feb, 2014

Kihon applications ideas

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In this clip I am showing some application ideas of the four basic blocks Jodan Uke, Soto Uke, Uchi Uke and Gedan Barai. These four blocks are always in my kihon lessons when I teach. I also let the students practise different levels of bunkai in groups and make them analyse [...]