Kyokushin is a way of life, a way of living, a lifestyle. Bushido is a code of conduct, where discipline and moral values are of the utmost importance a total commitment. For the Samurai it was to his master, death before dishonour. When there is no fear of death then you are free, this is Kyokushin Karate a total commitment.


17 Dec, 2015

Grading is over…

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Well the dojo grading is over for this year. I changed the concept a little, making it a little harder for the students. Its not only a challenge for the students who do the grading but for those yudansha who must judge. After all we are all different, by age, body [...]

12 Dec, 2015

Be the best you can…

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Be the best you can, what does that mean to you? I just watched a program about a famous sushi chef who has been making sushi all his life,  everyday he tries to improve on what he did the day before trying to be the best he can be. Will [...]

11 Nov, 2015

Japan 2015

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Well by know everyone is back in their own countries after a hectic few days in Japan. The World tournament is only held every four years, but what a tournament, on the final day Tokyo metropolitan Gymnasium was sold out. The atmosphere was electric, for those who had travelled from [...]

1 Nov, 2015

Familiarity breeds contempt

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We are supposed to have a Budo style of Karate but sometimes we forget and become too familiar with our Semapi, calling them by their first name for example. Or when having a photograph taken with them and putting your arms on their shoulders and just hanging there, or just [...]

4 Oct, 2015


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Honbu 1971 consisted of a basement where there were changing rooms and showers. The first floor was the entrance and a small dojo, the second floor was the main dojo and then the office and finally Sosai's living quarters. I lived behind Honbu at the uchi-deshi apartment.