Discipline and Honour

So how can having discipline help

Discipline means different things to different people. You can have discipline imposed by others, such as military discipline. Then there is mental discipline, self discipline and physical discipline all extremely important, not only for training but in our daily lives. Discipline can help us with the daily problems we face, great or small. Problems tend to lead to stress. When you are stressed you have a short temper, you lose patience at work, school and with your family and friends. While I was an Uchi-Deshi in Japan the discipline I faced daily, in the early days was enormous. No one told me what to do or how to behave, I learned from experience. When to stand, how to stand how to address my seniors, to do what I was told, unquestionable obedience.

So how can having discipline help with these problems. If you can practice self discipline in your daily activities you will find harmony in your life. Doing the things that you do not like doing, writing letters, cleaning the car, schoolwork.These are very simple examples of the daily chores we face, but with self discipline and positive thinking they need not become a burden.

Training also needs discipline, in fact it starts before you go to the dojo. How many times have you arrived home from school or work and thought “No training tonight I am tired” then you sit down and do nothing, the next day you are angry with yourself because you did not train, which gives you stress and the circle is complete. It would have been better to practice self discipline and go training, you would then feel good about yourself, physically and mentally.

Kyokushin demands discipline, it is one of the most difficult parts of the training. You are expected to stand correctly, speak only when spoken to and answer with a strong osu.

Honour, adherence to what is right, or a conventional standard of conduct. Honour your mother and father. Honour among thieves, many ways to try to clarify this word. What does it mean to you? If you are to compete then you must do so honourably, abide by the rules, fight fair, win or loose. Although I have already mentioned the use of drugs in relation to having respect for others and your body. I feel that it also falls into the category of honour. You cannot have any honour if you use such things, knowing that you have cheated in order to beat your opponent does not comply with the rules of Budo, or any other kind of rules, a very important part of Kyokushin.