We are supposed to have a Budo style of Karate but sometimes we forget and become too familiar with our Semapi, calling them by their first name for example. Or when having a photograph taken with them and putting your arms on their shoulders and just hanging there, or just generally being a little too friendly.

Looking at the old photograph of Honbu brought back memories of my UchiDeshi days, not that I have ever forgotten them. Before I went to Japan, I had never heard the word UchiDeshi let alone understand the true meaning. When I arrived at Honbu, no one knew who I was or had any information about me, I had no place to sleep and very little money.

The first night I stayed in a hotel and then the Chief Instructor who was Yasuhiko Oyama Shihan (Now Oyama Karate USA) said I could stay with him. After one week, I moved into the dormitory and there I stayed for two years. Opening and closing Honbu every day, cleaning and training.

All these years later when I go back to Japan and meet my old Sempai´s I always show them the respect they deserve even though I may now have a higher grade.