Kyokushin is a way of life, a way of living, a lifestyle. Bushido is a code of conduct, where discipline and moral values are of the utmost importance a total commitment. For the Samurai it was to his master, death before dishonour. When there is no fear of death then you are free, this is Kyokushin Karate a total commitment.

Photographs from the blog

/Photographs from the blog

Kata update

It's time to go through the kata updates, first with my sensei who will in turn pass them on to [...]

In Japan updating kata

Trying to explain techniques is not an easy thing to do. Here we are Looking at the best position for [...]

The SKK technical meeting

The SKK technical meeting has finished, almost two days, of training and ideas. There where about 60 club leaders attending [...]

Promote the dojo…

Thank you to those who gave up their time on a Sunday to promote the dojo and kyokushin in general. [...]

Yudansha training

I invited the Yudansha from my own dojo plus those from Banzai and Bollebygd. The idea was to have a get together [...]

Teaching in Banzai

I often go to Banzai Karate Kai, another Kyokushin dojo in Gothenburg and help them with technique etc. This time I [...]