I have been debating with myself whether to write the following blog or not as it may seem a little egoistic, but after some thought I decided to go ahead after all this is a blog. I have to turn back the clock a few years to when I started training, I would take every opportunity to train which in the early days was not so easy. There was never a question about how far or how long it would take to go somewhere to find a dojo, so I suppose going to Japan was a natural step.

Now lets come back to the present time, the opportunity to train is a lot easier as kyokushin karate has spread and there a many dojos and good instructors about. I travel quite frequently sometimes to small towns and big cities to teach yet I am still suprised that students do not take the opportunity to attend the training and learn, after all I am a member of the WKO technical committee I would think that most high grades would take the chance to come along and find out what’s happening and ask questions.

As I said at the start I would go anywhere to train but I am afraid that the present day students do not have the same passion or perhaps its society in general that makes people the way they are.