You may think what is Shihan Collins thinking about with a title about glasses and car keys.

When I have a group of businesspersons for a seminar, I always use this as an example about staying focused at work. How many times have you put down your car keys and then just walked away to do something else, then when you need them you cannot find them. The same goes for your glasses, you ask yourself where have I put them.

While training do you ask yourself the same question, where have I put my energy, focus or ki. I can see when they are not present during training usually the Kiai is bad there is no energy in the technique and finally the body language is bad. For example, the shoulders are down and the head is hanging as if they have the problems of the world on their shoulders. This means that the stances are bad as well.

I can tell students what the problem is but it is up to them to find out how they lost their energy and try to get it back, just like the car keys. You have to try to find your Ki and get it to flow again, imagine that Ki is like flowing water it should not stop, focus on what you are trying to achieve if it is a kick or a punch it does not matter stay focused. Keep your position strong and focused from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Starting from your head try to feel your chest your arms your legs and go through the rest of your body wakening the energy you need to train.

Find out where you put your energy.